Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jenny's daily routines

First of all... I'm going to write about Jenny's daily routines.
Usually, Jenny gets up at 8:40.
She has milk and toast for breakfast, she washes her face and her teeth, and she dresses up her blue favourite t-shirt and her white trousers.
At 9:15 Jenny goes to school, and she goes back home at 2:35.
She eats at home with her family. She tidies her bedroom and washes the dishes.
Later she does her homework and she studies.
At 6:15 she goes and plays with her friends. Jenny goes back home at 7:50. She reads her favourite book and she plays in the computer.
At 9:00 she has a shower and she puts her pijamas with little bears on.
At 9:25 she has dinner with her family.
At 10:00 she goes to bed.